Snokart The Kart 6 $499.95 (SOLD OUT)

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About the Bag

This is the updated and latest version our signature, best-selling bag!

Hugely versatile, modular, snow sport bag comprising of 3 individual bags that can now be combined into 3 additional combinations, giving 6 bag options in total!

See the schematic here.

This is the ultimate in ski bag and snowboard bag design, whose modules can also be used for summer holidays or weekends away.

Multi-functional for all year round use!

It takes the stress out of packing by offering 6 luggage combinations, which are convenient to pack and move around. 
The 2 clothing modules are designed to fit into the boot of an average car, whilst skis / snowboards are packed separately into the third module and this also fits inside the car.

So no need for roof racks, estate cars or people-carrier taxis!

This makes for easy transport from car to airport check in and subject to airline restrictions you have the choice of checking in one (all combined) bag or a wheelie bag and separate ski/board bag.

This can help minimise airliner surcharges.



  • 6 different luggage options:
    1. Independent holdall (weekend bag)
    2. Independent wheelie base bag (long weekend bag)
    3. Double-decker wheelie (summer holiday bag)
    4. Ski / board bag (just for skis / snowboards)
    5. Lightweight all-in-one snow sport bag (Kart 3)
    6. All-in-one big snow sport bag (Kart 6)
  • Water resistant, ultra durable fabric.
  • Heavy duty compression straps + buckles
  • Rigid protective base
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Zip-away recessed telescopic trolley handle
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Large all-terrain wheels for easy roll with easy stand feet
  • ID cards and address tags supplied
  • Lined and padded interior with compression straps
  • Breathe vents
  • Lockable zips
  • Multiple internal fixing straps
  • Designed to accept our Dry Bag Airliner and the entire Airliner Range! - (sold separately)



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  • 178 litre max combination
  • Ski/board bag: 92 litres
  • Holdall: 43 litres
  • Base: 43 litres


  • Ski bag / snowboard bag: 184cm x 35cm x 14cm
  • Holdall: 86cm x 35cm x 14cm
  • Base: 86cm x 35cm x 14cm
  • For 1 or 2 pairs of skis up to 180cm inc. poles or 1 pair skis and a board (inc. bindings)
    or 1 board (inc. bindings) & secondary board/s


  • Ski bag/ snowboard bag: 3.5kg
  • Wheelie Base: 3kg
  • Holdall: 2kg
  • TOTAL: 8.5kg